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All You Need Is Love



Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!  I hope that your day is filled with the true meaning of love, rather than the greeting card addition.  But getting chocolate is always good, especially today!  So, what ever your love is, whomever it is with …. celebrate and cherish it.

In other news …

  • I’ll be moving soon . . . to my own domain name!  It’s still a work in progress, but I’ll make sure to post about it when the new blog is ready.
  • Maryanne, aka Knittymuggins, posted pics of the new baby!  Knittymunchkin is SO CUTE!!!
  • I get to visit Tina, Steve, Katie, Harriett, Meghan, Corey … and ALL of my wonderful New York friends on Thursday.  I told John that all I really wanted for my birthday this year was to visit some of my dearest friends, most of who I only get to see once a year!



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Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy V Day everyone!  I hope that your day was filled was love and romance!!!

I had my hair done today, and when John came home, I was all dressed up with a candle lit dinner waiting for him.  He has had some very stressful days, so I thought I would do something nice for him.  We had THIS recipe for dinner, which was very delicious.  A bottle of wine and two gifts later …. well lets just say the true romance began. 😉

What did I get John?  I made him a pair of socks!  He totally loves them.

And what did John get me?  Well, I told him it was okay to combine my Valentine’s Day and Birthday presents, because the days are so close together.  He got me a Pajama Gram!  These jammies are the most comfortable jammies I have ever had.

Not the best picture, but it shows off the jammies!

Tomorrow I’m going to start on my Pay It Forward #3 project, mail out a ton of yarn that I’ve sold/swapped via Ravelry, and bake a cake for the pot luck tomorrow night.  Today was such a great day!!!!! And now …. well, in 25 minutes … a new episode of LOST!

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