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Blizzard of 2010

I’m sure that most of you have seen the photos on the news by now, of all the snow that we’ve had here in Northern Virginia.  The last accumulation totalwas around 30 inches of snow.  As you can assume, most people around have been in a state of panic, but John and I have remained reasonably calm.  He spent the day shoveling, and I spent the day knitting.  In all fairness, I did try to shovel.

Here are some great pictures.

Back porch, before noon on Saturday


Our cars, buried in the snow


John walked down to the intersection


So, yes, we did get a lot of snow.  But both my husband and I have lived in New York state in the winter, in addition to myself growing up with a father who lived for some time in Wisconsin.  This doesn’t phase me.  It is the other idiots on the road that I worry about.  That, and whoever plowed our development needs to learn how to do so properly.  John shoveled the snow from around our cars out in the path of the plow, so that it would take it away.  No … no, of course that didn’t happen.  So, he’ll have to dig us out yet again tomorrow.

I did get a lot of knitting accomplished today, mainly on John’s sweater.  However, when I had originally ordered the yarn, it seems that I am one or two skeins short.  I’ll have to place a Knit Picks order later this weekend!  At least all the measurements are spot on, and it does look like it is going to fit him!


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Winter Wonderland

Last night, as I was preparing a Christmas feast for my friends, the weather forecast was calling for snow … and a lot of it!  Seeing as I had been having a tough go of it at work and have been totally stressed out, I decided to get my hair done!


Later that night we some friends over.  It is always a good time with these folks, let me tell ya!  I literally laugh till it hurts.  Brandon, Tory, Kristen, Matt, and my husband were all here (except in the photo – I think John and Matt were outside.)

Brandon, Tory, and Kristen

As dinner was wrapping up, the snow was already starting to fall.  The weather this weekend is supposed to be bad – up to 20 inches of snow!  And of course, it’s my weekend to work.  I don’t mind going in and I know someone has to be there … but when the boss sends a slightly snarky email out that we had better be there or else …. yeah.  He could just be a little more nice about it, more pro-active.   Luckily John is taking me to work, but I am still packing a bag – just in case.

Here is what I found when I woke up this morning ….

Out the front door.

Next door

So yeah – we’ve got a blizzard on our hands.  If you have to go out, make sure you are safe.  Keep a blanket and other items in your trunk – just in case.  Charge your cell phones.  And don’t drive like an idiot. 🙂

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Sugar and Spice

I know all to well the lengths that knitters will go to with their skills, compassion, and generosity.  There is yet another opportunity to bring a smile to some one’s face with knitting. NH Knitting Mama posted about her friend’s niece who is 6 years old, and just starting chemotherapy for leukemia.  If you’d like to make a hat for little Megan, stop over at her blog.  THIS is the link to the post.  I’ve started mine tonight, and I’m having a lot of fun doing something warm and ‘girly’!

PBS is doing something wonderful, and in my opinion, it’s about damn time.  Via the BBC, they are showing the lesser known Jane Austin novels on Masterpiece Theater.  Tonight they showed ‘Persuasian’, one of my favorite stories (right up there with Mansfield Park.)  They are showing this all month, and even though I’ll miss some episodes due to work, I’m so excited to get to watch so much Jane Austin.

Oh, the snow!!!!  It was so lovely today.  It was falling steadily and in big chunks!!!  The only two things that I hate about snow are the way people drive in it and the fact that, yet again, my land lord did NOT plow the drive way for the apartment buildings.  So when I came home from running errands, I grabbed my neighbor’s shovel and started to do the bad hill back by our apartment.  I hate shoveling snow, but I kept telling myself that this counts as exercise, and in a way that seemed to help.  I also ending up chatting with out new downstairs neighbor.  He’s a really nice guy, who teaches Special Ed and coaches basketball.  He grabbed our other shovel (my neighbors is much better, and he didn’t mind my using it), and we both shoveled the rest of the drive way together.  Nice guy, which is good …. the guy who lived in that apartment previous to him was a drug dealer.  It’s so nice having a neighbor that isn’t going to blow up the building with his meth lab (now, I have no proof the previous guy had one, but I smelt chemicals so many times, it really wouldn’t have surprised me.)

Tomorrow is my day at C-CAP, and they have finally gone to computers!!!!  The old filing system was a mess and so terrible to find people’s previous info.  They sent out a letter about training schedules, but I think I can handle a basic file and office format program.  So I’m looking forward to a smooth transition, both for volunteers and the clients.

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