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Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday, John!!!

Today my hubby is 28!  Two years closer to being officially old, but another year with a wonderful man that I don’t mind growing old with!!!

So, later today I’ll be cooking and baking for him, and spoiling him as much as I can.  He totally deserves it!


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Hat Goodness

A while back, I had made John a new scarf for this winter.  He had asked for a matching or coordinating hat as well.  Arg – I put it off way to long, so I started it at work last night and finished it up this evening.  I’m sorry that the photo is a little blurry; I’ve got the shakes today from my meds.

  • Project: John’s Winter Hat
  • Pattern: Classic Ribbed Hat by Frugal Knitting Haus
  • Yarn: Cascade 220 Heathers

He really likes it, and it fits great!  I just love it when I knit him something and he wears it with pride.  It’s so very sweet!

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Happy Birthday, John

Today, my honey is 27!  We’re having a birthday party tomorrow, and tonight his parents are taking us out to dinner.

Here’s to my friend, my companion, my lover, and future husband!  Happy Birthday, Sugar … I love you!

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