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Cabin Fever

I’m sick of snow.  No more snow!  You hear that, Mother Nature.  Far be it from me to tell you how to do you job, but please.  No more.

I woke up early and braved the wind and snow drifting to go to the grocery store yesterday.  I had to get out and I didn’t care where.  All the cold weather had me craving stew as well, so getting the fixings for that seemed like a good idea.

But before I get to the stew (which took ALL AFTERNOON to cook – good stuff!), I want to post my most recent FO.


  • Project : No Purl Monkey Socks
  • Pattern : No Purl Monkey (based on ‘Monkey’ pattern by Cookie A)
  • Yarn : Superwash Merino/Bamboo in ‘Spumanti’ by StashUp Yarns

I LOVE this yarn.  This is one of the two skeins John had given me this past Christmas.  I feel that this photo does not do the color work in the yarn justice, because I’m in lack for natural light.  (I’ll make the light box one of these days!)  But the yarn is super soft and I know these will get worn on a frequent basis!  As for the pattern, I know so many people who have worked it by now, that it was almost a reason that I DID NOT knit myself a pair.  I don’t like jumping on the bandwagon for anything, no matter how cool it is.  But now, after all the attention has died off, I allowed my lurking to become action.  The leg is a little snug, but not tight, on me.

Now …. are you hungry???


The above tasty delights came from Cooking … By The Seat Of My Pants.   I found this food blog while looking at articles on bread from Craft Magazine’s blog.  There are TONS of amazing recipes on the blog!  The Irish Stew was hearty, using basic ingredients that even the shyest of kitchen dwellers can fix.  The only note I will say is on the beer used.  I would go with something really dark, like Guinness, but it is really up to you.  The Ale Bread was delicious.  Unlike yeast breads, this one calls for none and only takes about 45 mins to cook.  The only change I would make in the future … no scallions.  I thought it made it too bitter.

Tomorrow is the kick off party for Team Wink, for the Ravelympics.  I need to wind up some yarn and print some patterns, but other than that, I am ready to go!  Let’s see how many hats I can make for Warm Up Winchester in two weeks,while also trying to knit a shawl in that amount of time as well!



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FO: Adaptation

Right now I’m participating in a KAL (knit-a-long) on the NHKnittingMama group on Ravelry.  Amanda is amazing … such a friendly person, and the yarn she dyes is equally wonderful.  I had decided to knit Caricia, from Knit Spot.  I love Anne Hanson’s patterns and this shawl really caught my eye.  I ordered my yarn from Amanda and was ready to go.  Things were going really well.  While the pattern seemed a little more complex than I was ready for, I pushed through.  It was knitting up rather quickly and the colors of the yarn truly complimented the pattern.  I was ready to start the last pattern repeat before binding off …

And realized that I totally fucked up.

I was in tears.  How had I missed something as important as dividing the pattern so that the image mirrors itself?  There was supposed to be a center line.  Obviously, I missed the memo.  I was really beating myself up over this, but now I realize how foolish that was.  As all of my friends, as well as the women on the forum pointed out, it was still very pretty.  I made it all my own and in the end, I’m very happy with the project.  One day I’ll attempt to work the pattern correctly.

  •  Pattern : Caricia by Anne Hanson (with some un-intended changes)
  • Yarn : NHKnittingMama – Farmington, in color ‘Wells’
  • Made for : Me!

I’ve decided that this will make an excellent accent shawl for my Civil War re-enactment.  The colors of this yarn remind me of something that has been tea stained.  This will look wonderful over the dress I’m making for this season, which is burgundy with off-white flowers.


I know what you are saying … why was I so upset?  I know … I know.  But when it comes to lace, I can be very, um, well … anal is the word that comes to mind.  I’m such a perfectionist sometimes.

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Welcome The Weekend

Hello, Weekend!  How are you doing?  It is so good to see you!

John and I are being very lazy.  We had some, ahem, personal time, that has left us wanting to simply lounge around and watch tv.  I think I may get some knitting done at some point, but I’m just as happy sitting here, doing nothing.  Last night was busy.  I had cooked a delicious pot roast in the slow cooker and had some friends over for dinner.  It’s always a joy to have Brandon and Tory around.  Not just because they both knit and love to eat my food, but they are great company.  Very easy-going people, very laid back and down to earth.  In addition to our regular crew of four, I finally was able to get Christopher to come over.  

He’s one of my co-workers, and probably one of the few that I wouldn’t mind seeing outside of work.  He’s a great guy; funny, talented, animated, and great to talk to about all things.  I’ve been after him to come and hang out, since he’s always complaining he has no friends and no life.  Our work schedules are just so opposite that to find one day, it just so happened that it was a day that he taken off (he’s been through a lot of personal shit lately and needed a vacation.)


After a full meal of pot roast and veggies, spinach and apples, asparagus, and hearty bread …. not to mention a few beers and even more pots of hot tea, it was 11pm and everyone decided to call it a night.  I am glad that Christopher was able to make it, take time to relax, and just let loose.  I really try to present my home as a place of relaxation and respite. 

 I’ve also been very busy on the knitting front!  I wanted to take pictures yesterday, but the rain was casting  impending doom on my plans.

Sock Goodness

  •   Project : Alpaca Bed Socks
  • Pattern: Plain Jane
  • Yarn: Frog Tree Alpaca Handpaints Fingering in “Poppy”
  • Made for : ME!

I bought this yarn a couple years ago in Virginia Beach, when John and I went to attend the Neptune Wine Festival.  This, I must say, is probably the most expensive yarn I’ve ever bought for what it is.  Sock yarn – roughly 430 yards ….. $40.  I know … wow, right?  But I told myself at the time that is was okay to splurge on vacation, and I guess I still belive that.  So, every time I would think about making a new pair of socks, I would pet this luxurious skein and think, maybe later.  But, with winter comes cold feet, and I know that I won’t have that problem anymore!

Next up is a case of making the most of something.  I bought two skeins of Cascade Bulky Superwash the other week and realized that I wasn’t going to knit what I had originally planned on making.  So, not wanting to waste, I went hat ( and cowl) happy.

Sunlight shining across!

  •  Yarn : Cascade 128 Superwash Chunky
  • Cowl – Lettuce Vine Cowl by Petra Johnson
  • Larger Hat – Classic Beanie by PolarKnit
  • Smaller Hat – Little Sprout Baby Hat by Paula Berman

So, I think that I certainly made the most out of those two skeins.  It was a nice break from the larger, more demanding projects that I’ve been working on.  There is just nothing like instant gratification knitting whilst working on a sweater and a shawl!  

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Idle Hands

In an effort to distract my mind from wanting to smoke while I’m at home, I’ve been knitting more than ever!  Not a bad way to start the new year, right?

Tory and Brandon dropped by to pick up something, so I got her to model for me!  I’ve got three brilliant FO’s to show off, so it was nice to be able to take the photos for once without having to set the timer.

  • Project : Simple Little Shawl
  • Pattern : Simple Things by Mary-Heather Cogar
  • Yarn : Premier Yarns Serenity Sock Weight in “Amethyst”

This was my last cast on of 2009.  I started this one at the Knit Night New Year/ Erin’s Housewarming party, mainly because I love this yarn but wasn’t in the mood to make socks with it.   It’s a mini-shawl on scale; big enough for a fun scarf, and super soft as well!

  • Project : Ramblin’ Gal
  • Pattern : Traveling Woman by Liz Abinante
  • Yarn : NH Knitting Mama ‘Huarache’

I’ve wanted to use this yarn up for some time, but again, I didn’t want to make socks.  Not that I don’t like to knit socks, I just wanted to do something else with it.  It’s so shiny and soft!  I will tell you, this pattern is TINY … I’ll be lucky to use this as a scarf.  It will probably just be more of an adornment, which is fine by me.  It’s a great accent piece!

  • Project : Mint Chocolate Chip Beret
  • Pattern : Opus Spicatum by Kate Gagnon Osborn
  • Yarn : Cascade 220 Wool and Cascade 220 Heather Wool

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this hat!  I combined two of my 2010 knitting goals into one project … working with more color and stash busting!  I had both of these yarns in my stash and was thinking that they might look cute together.  They remind me of my favorite ice cream, Mint Chocolate Chip!  The pattern was a lot of fun.  I added two extra repeats of the color pattern to make a more slouchy hat.  If I make this again (and I can see that happening – it was a lot of fun,) I’ll remember that the regular pattern tends to fit more snug and would make a great beanie!

So, what good has come from my quitting smoking?  I’m more productive.  I’m a quick knitter to start with, and now … wow – I’m cranking FOs out like there is no tomorrow.  The knitting really helps me when I feel a craving coming on.  My house is also much more tidy and clean.  If I find myself with nothing to do … I start thinking about having a smoke.  Then I stop, take a deep breath, and wipe down my kitchen.  Or I pick up the clutter in the living room.

One day at a time …. but it is getting easier as time goes on.

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Goodbye 2009

Ah, the end of another year.  It’s been a good year, though, of that I am most sure.  I’ve accomplished many things, shared many joys, shed a lot of tears, and am ready to embark on the adventure that will be 2010!

I think it’s fitting that I have one last project to share for the year.

Last FO of the year!

  • Project : Last FO of the Year!
  • Pattern : Fake Isle Hat by Amy King
  • Yarn : Cascade 220

I didn’t work the second chart repeat on the crown; the hat was starting to form a undersirable peak and I wasn’t happy with it.  Still,  I think it looks pretty good with just the one chart, don’t you?

I’m looking back over my blog posts for the year, taking in all the memories – both good and bad.  I let go of two very good friends this year.  My cat, Arwin, passed away in my arms last January.  I still miss her; I look for her almost as a reflex when I go to my Mom’s house.  I also had to push a dear friend away this year – not a choice that I wanted to make, but something that had to be done.  I hope that she can sort out her troubles and addictions, finding a better way to live her life.

I’ve been reunited with a couple people in my life, two people who I wasn’t sure that I would ever see again.  And many thanks to my muse, Kevin, for showing back up just when I needed it.  Because of him my creative force has flowed back and yes, I can safely say, it’s here to stay.  I’ve written the first draft of a novel, and now I’m working on my second (and hopefully a third!)  I’ve also gotten back in touch with Rachael, my friend and roommate from the time I spent in New York.  Even though we had our rough patches, we’re talking again and I’m so happy for that.

So, what do I want for 2010?  Well, that’s easy … I want to start a family.  But first, I have a feeling I have to break bad habits.  I’ve picked Saturday as my First Day …. the day I truly quit smoking for good.  I’m going to get the patch tomorrow on my day off.  I’m not happy about this.  I love to smoke SO MUCH.  But I really want to get pregnant, and the first thing I need to do is get serious about getting healthy.

I want to wish you all the best for the New Year.  I hope that it brings much joy and happiness, a mark that the best things are yet to come!

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Wow, it’s been amazingly cold outside lately!  Walking out for a smoke at two in the morning has been a trying event, let me tell you.  On that subject, I want to announce that yes, I’m giving up the ghost and I’m going to really try to quit smoking this year.  In fact, I’m going to pick up the patch while I’m out today.  I don’t really want to quit, but I know that I need to.  I’m going to try to be a mommy this year, and with trying to get pregnant … well, it’s just for the best.  And I know that I’ll feel better in the end.

So, even when I’m not going outside to satisfy a craving, I still have to warm up my car at 6am on the nights that I work.  So, I made these guys!  My only beef with this pattern was that the tam was a little short … I like them a little slouchy.

  • Project : Urban Necessity Tam and Mitts
  • Pattern : Urban Necessities by Colleen Meagher
  • Yarn : Cascade 220 Heathers in Turquoise (about 1.5 skeins for both tam and mitts)

Mitts - convertible!

Tam - Snowflake motif!

I’ve been eyeing this set for a long time and with the frigid temps, really wanted to get them done.  I’ve gotten so many nice compliments on the mitts (my favorite one is still, “Wow – those are much nicer than the ones you can get in the store.”)

And before I forget … a couple candid shots from Christmas dinner!  I didn’t take many photos, as I was just layed back, enjoying the food and family.

Mom and John (sorry - it's a bit blurred!)

My Dad

See that t-shirt my Dad is wearing?  It’s from the Annual Kick-Ball Tournament that the City throws every year.  Many of the City employees participate.  My Dad will be 60 next year, and he has won the title of “Most Enthusiastic” for the last two years.  He’s a kid at heart, never afraid to put it all out there.  He says he’s just too old to care what people think about him, but he’s always been that type of person.  Just one of the many reasons I love my Dad.

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Two FOs in one day … I’m on fire!  In all honesty, it was more of a day to finish projects that I’ve been neglecting.  The only thing on the needles right now is John’s sweater.  This means I’ll get to cast on something new tonight!

  • Project : Wee Spinning Notions Bag
  • Pattern : Felted Spinning Wheel Bag by Shannon Geddes
  • Yarn : Ella Rae Jaspe (scraps – about 70 or so yards)

I’ve been meaning to make this for a while, since I keep losing my spinning oil and other odds & ends.  The bag is tiny; about the size of my hand, if not a little bigger.  I used scraps that I had left over from making The Fake Isle Hat, and it felted up beautifully!  Plus, it only took a few hours to knit and then two rounds in the washing machine for felting!

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