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Time For A Change

As I sit on my butt more than normal, due to the ADDITIONAL snow we received today, I’ve been thinking about my blog.  I love my blog.  It allows me my own personal space on the internet.  It gives me a place to speak, to show, and to be.  It helps me to meet new people and strengthen the relationships that I do have. 

So … the more things change, the more they stay the same.

I’ve talked to a new knitting buddy on Ravelry, who is a fellow member and fan of NH Knitting Mama.  I love HER BLOG, and it really got me thinking about a new name, a new layout, and finally buying my domain name.  (How does that work?  What does it cost?  I see that you can get it through WordPress.  Is it easy to update once I have it … like, the same as WordPress is to post to?)

But what to call myself? 

Sure, The Yarn Closet is fine, but I find myself transitioning to something more.  Since I started my first blog, my knitting skills have improved, I have picked up other crafts and hobbies, and I’ve gotten married.  This year, I’m hoping to start a family and I want my blog to be able to adapt and grow with that.

So, what you think?  What should the new blog name be?  Anything jump out of your imagination?    I’m browsing templates to see what strikes my fancy, and Sara Beth is more than happy to help with the design and code end.


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