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October Socks

Another month gone, another pair of socks finished!!!



  • Project: October Sock
  • Pattern : Plain Jane
  • Yarn : Berroco Sox


I think the colors in this pair are amazing!!!  I love them a lot … and I know the person I made them for is going to love them too!


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Wicked Games

Today is Halloween Eve …. the day of tricks and pranks!  No, I don’t have any to play, although the fact that I’m being forced to work tonight has put a few in motion in my brain!

Friday Fill-In #148

1. It was a dark and stormy night, when I was forced to make up time at work that I should not have to make up.

2. I was already going by the library, so I offered to take the books myself.

3. Rushing out, trying to make sure I did not forget anything.

4. Did you hear that …I think I heard a howl!

5. Shhhh… you’ll wake the zombies!

6. I’ve had my fill of brains so give me something good to eat!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to starting on a new pair of socks (knitting), tomorrow my plans include a Halloween party and then handing out candy and Sunday, I want to sleep in and spin on the back porch is the weather is nice!

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All Systems Go

Hey, Blogland!  How are ya?  It’s so nice to see you!

I’m finally back from the land of the Swine Flu, and feeling much better.  It took me a good week to get myself back on track and stop feeling like death warmed over.  John has been feeling sick as well, but is getting better.  He didn’t have this nearly as bad as I did, thank goodness!

But we were both lucky to have such good nurse-maids while under the weather!


More than one use for a hoop skirt.




Lounging Around



See, they needed all that rest for taking such good care of us! LOL  In other efforts to feel better and more human again after a week of the flu, I bought pumpkins to carve!!!!

Halloween is my favorite holiday!!!  I can dress the way I want without anyone thinking twice, which is really nice, compared to the looks I get on an every day basis if I wear something out of the norm.  My costume this year is going to be Civil War … because it’s the easiest and I haven’t had much time to put together anything else.  But it’s still fun!  One of the gals from my knitting group is having a little shindig on Saturday, and I think that will be fun to head over to.  That night, John and I watch horror movies and hand out candy!!!


John's Spider, My Witch



So, tonight I’m gearing up for my second night in a row …. and two out of three days in a row to work this week.  Grrr – Friday is a make up day (from where I missed last Saturday, had the flu, AND had a note from the ER.  But it doesn’t matter.  Work policy says you have to make up any weekend time lost, no matter what.)  That is fucked, in my general opinion, but what can I do?  At least I’m doing the time on Friday, not Saturday.  No write up … at least not yet.  Because if they come back and tell me I have to work Sunday …. well – not happening.  No way, no how.

On the knitting front, I don’t have much to show right now.  I should finish my October socks tonight or tomorrow night, and then I’ve got a little of half of the Kernal scarf to finish.  Then … well, a few small Christmas items and John’s sweater needs to get started.  I should have some pictures soon!



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Falling In

I want to take a minute to thank everyone who has sent me well wishes whilst I’ve been ill – both here at the blog and on Facebook.

I also want to apologize (to a certain degree, mind you) for my bitter and in general, shitty attitude about it all.  Sometimes I don’t know when to keep my mouth shut.

So, if you’ve been sitting there thinking, “My goodness.  I love her – but is she ever gonna shut up about this being sick thing, “ then its you that I say, with my deepest sentiments … I am sorry.

But I’m still sick … and a bit bitter.  The last part is yet to be determined.

Work sent me home last night because I almost passed out.  Not cool.  I heard that anyone who works in the main hospital that has the flu – swine or not – has to stay away for seven days or else.

So, we’ll see where all of this goes to.

John is sick now … poor guy!  He never gets sick!  So, I’ll be taking care of him as much as I can, while I’m still trying to rest.

Now … if I can get light chores done around the house and maybe try to get to the grocery store (if I can drive and don’t have double vision today that is,) I’ll be set.  And who knows … maybe I can work on a bit of knitting as well!

Well … back to bed!

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The best random image Ive found on Google

The best random image I've found on Google

So … yeah … I’ve got the frackifrn’ Swine Flu.  I’m so angry right now that I could spit!

And I lost my bank card …. grrrr.

And I have to go to work tomorrow, instead of taking time to rest, because I know there is a 90% chance I’ll get a write-up if I take off this weekend and refuse to make it up (for something that isn’t even my fault … I will not work on my weekend off!!!)

I’m full of piss and vinegar right now, full to the frackin brim!

Friday Fill-In #147

1. The crickets sing, by moonlight, to little boys made of wood.

2. You can always find a home wherever you are.

3. I want to get far away from the Swine Flu.

4. Knowing that I was valued and respected by my bosses on a daily basis; this was a dream.

5. But as for me I will do my best to live care free.

6. I can never forget where I come from

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to resting, tomorrow my plans include work and Sunday, I want to stay in bed and rest … but no – I’ll be at work.!

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Manic Monday

Another weekend gone, and another Monday is here.  At least this is my easy week!!!

Manic Monday #186

How do you define honesty?

The very bare bones of it; do not lie.  In your opinion, in your thoughts, in your actions.  That’s honesty to me.

What is the main thing that makes you unique?

I think I’m a very blunt yet caring person, who isn’t afraid of what people think of me.  That makes me unique among the masses.

What is your biggest fear or worry?

To have moths in my fiber – now that I’m spinning, I worry more about that!

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Cold Weather Creek

Wow … what a cold, wet, miserable weekend!  That said, I was a wimp and only went of Saturday for The Battle Of Cedar Creek.  I didn’t mind the cold and rain … I just don’t have a lot of vacation time at work, and I can’t afford to be sick (not only because they are stupid and take vacation time before they take sick time, I dont want to give any of my patients a cold.)  It was great seeing everyone, as I really miss them all!  I don’t get to attend as many events as I like, because of having to work every other weekend.  This was my last event of the season.  Hopefully next year will be better!

Also, I FINALLY got a picture of that Civil War Shawl I finished in August!

Pretty AND warm!

Pretty AND warm!

I should have blocked it; it would have been much bigger.  But it kept me warm and I got a lot of compliments on it.  I want to make another one sometime in the future, from local wool that I have spun up myself.  Now THAT would be something!!!

Speaking of FO’s, I also finished the 4th pair of socks that Wilma is paying me to make!!!!

  • Project : John Deere Socks
  • Pattern : Plain Socks – various resources
  • Made for : Wilma – pair 4/4
  • Yarn : Knit Picks Swish DK

These are so ugly; seriously, unless you like John Deere or the Green Bay Packers … yeah.  I’m just glad they are done!

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