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I Love New York

Ah, vacation.  It seems so far away, and then when it comes, it passes too quickly.

My trip to New York last week was wonderful.  I love it up there; some of my best friends live up there!  Not only did I get a chance to see many people that I missed, I had the chance to make some new friends as well.

Tuesday, I arrived!  Tina and I rushed off to Knitting Night, as well as some much needed sushi.



Michelle - A rare photgenic moment!

Michelle - A rare photogenic moment!

Wednesday we made a short trip up to Great Barrington, to check out Wonderful Things ( a huge yarn store!)  After that we drove up to Lake George to hang out with Tina’s parents and chill in their awesome motor home!!!  I brought along a six pack of John’s beer to share with her Dad.  As you can see, he and his buddy really loved it!

Thats some GOOD beer!

That's some GOOD beer!

Thursday was the big day … W.O.O.L 2009!!!!  You can check out some other photos from the retreat over at on Tina’s Picasa Web Album, as well as on Facebook.  Harriet also has some great photos up – and her blog is a great read!

W.O.O.L stands for Weekend Out On The Lake.  This year we had twenty five people there, and man-o-man … was it fun!!!  Not only is the site beautiful (Wiawaka is a womens retreat on Lake George), the food was fantastic and the company very agreeable!!

Tina on the porch at the Fuller House

Tina on the porch at the Fuller House

While everyone in attendance either knits or crochets, many of the ladies spin, as you can see from the following photos.

From left : Aliyah, Diane, Harriet

Needless to say, I was bit by the spinning bug!!!  Becky happened to have her second wheel with her, and was such a great teacher.  She was very patient and kind with me, taking me through all the steps with ease.

My First Yarn!

My First Yarn!

Wacking the remaining water out of the skein

"Wacking" the remaining water out of the skein

Drying in the sun

Drying in the sun - Icelandic Gray single ply

One of my favorite parts of Wiawaka was the lake.  Even though the waters were cold, I went swimming twice.  There were many boats, including a couple steam boats, and even a scuba diver.

The Lake House was where we stayed.  It’s Victoria Camping; twin bed, dresser, chair – the room is a small one.  You make your own bed and deposit the linens in a can when leaving, sweep your room before you go, things like that.

The Lake House

The Lake House

I drove home on Sunday, stopping off in Wilkes-Barre, Pa to visit Corey.  When I arrived home, my husband was waiting for me, along with flowers, chocolate, a cute card … AND A CLEAN HOUSE!!!!!  I couldn’t as for more even if I wanted to.  I have such a great hubby!

I learned so much at W.O.O.L, and had a much needed rest, for both my body and my soul.  It was amazing to meet new people, see old friends, and spend a weekend with so many strong women.  Not to mention the fact that I could stay in my lounge clothes all weekend!!!  I hope that I am off the weekend for next year, because believe me, I’ll be going back!


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