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Come Along Full Circle

I finally finished a sewing project that has nothing to do with the Civil War! 🙂

I just don’t feel that the picture does the skirt justice, but it does show the pattern of the fabric well.  The skirt hits just at my knees, and is a full circle – so it really twirls when I spin.  It was rather easy, and after some hints from Mom about the waste band, it went together very easily.

I also managed to get ALL SEVEN panels sewn together and hemmed for the skirt portion of my Victorian Half-Mourning dress.  It’s about 5 yards in length across; yes … I know – that is a lot of fabric.  But it is also going over a hoop, so that must be taken into account.  I plan on adding some velvet ribbon for trim at the bottom before fitting it at the waste, but that must be done by hand.  I’m not looking forward to it at all, but the end result will be stunning!


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Manic Monday

Manic Monday #165

What’s the best summer job you ever had?

You know, I never really had a classic summer job.  But I suppose my favorite ‘job’ during the summer was helping my Aunt Christine pick veggies in her garden.

Tell me about the worst date you ever went on.

Oh man – I’ve got a great one!  So, I met this guy on Match.com before I moved to NY state a few years back.  He seemed nice enough, but going with tradition, we met at a place for dinner that I knew very well; Coalie Harry’s – no longer in existence though.  Anyhoo, he spent the first part of the date texting on his phone and ignoring the conversation, and then he disappeared to the bathroom for almost 30 mins. I thought, no big deal – I have stomach issues – it’s all good.  Yeah … until he came back to the table snorting and wiping his nose.  You got it … kinda hard to miss.  WORST DATE EVER!

Do you think the age for a driver’s license should be raised (currently 16 here in the U.S.)?

Speaking as someone who was a reckless teenagers, yes.  We should either raise it to 18 OR have a more invasive driving class that teens are required to take.

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As I was reading blogs today, I stumbled across something.

Chan, a very good friend and knitter, honored me with this.


Here is what she posted on her blog, as to the meaning …

“This is a brand new award and I have the pleasure and honor of spreading the seed, watching it grow. I hope it finds it’s way to those who are like Renee: the acorn, a small package becoming a tall and sturdy oak, giving more acorns, becoming tall and sturdy oaks, giving acorns…”

And so, in the spirit unto which is was gifted to me … I pass it on.



Chan (I must pass it back … I just have to!)

The three of you will always continue to inspire me.  Always!

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Friday Fill-Ins

Ok – so I’m early, but the day is nearly over.

Friday Fill-In’s #121

And…here we go!

1. Apparently there’s some sort of drug in the water that causes mass stupidity. LOL

2. Tomorrow is going to be another sunny day.

3. 2009 has been a good year so far.

4. I thought that I ran out of yarn while working on a project and as for my sanity, that was it.

5. For too long I’ve been needing a good nap.

6. I am not obsessed with gnomes; I am not!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to relaxing and knitting, tomorrow my plans include work and Sunday, I want to stay home and do something with my hubby, but I have to work!

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So, our Civil War group made the Washington Post!!!  There is a short article on line, and you can find it here.

I’m not in any photos, but they did publish a little bit of my interview (end of the second page.)  How cool is that?  So, it’s okay that they spelled my last name wrong. 🙂

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Manic Monday

Back to the grind … at least this is my easy week!

Manic Monday #164

Describe to me your favorite lounging clothes.

That would be my gray jersey knit pants from New York & Co., a t-shirt, a pair of hand knit socks,  and my hapi coat that I bought in San Fransisco year ago.

If you promised to never lie again in your lifetime, in what area would it be hardest to uphold the promise?

Oh wow …um, that’s a hard one.  Probably to my patients, because you can’t always tell the truth (for many reasons, mostly out of my control.)

Give a one word answer to the question “why is life worth living”.


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This weekend’s event at Brentsville Courthouse was a total success!!!  I think Georgia said the final spectator count was around 500, which is very good for a small living history/skirmish event.  While the guys trained and displayed up at the Courthouse, we ladies were down at the Haislip House demonstrating how ladies lived during 1861.  As you can see, I was knitting!  And the cool thing was that I wasn’t the only one doing so.  The kids did everything from draw to knit to sew.  Rachel cooked an amazing stew for lunch, along with pie and lemonade.

I decided to pack up last night and head home … I was getting beyond tired and cranky and I didn’t think that would be fair to everyone else (trust me – I was above and beyond cranky.)  I caught up on sleep and now feel rested, and would rather be camping out again than going back to work tomorrow.

But it was a great weekend!  I was too busy to get pictures, but I’ll see if I can get some at the next event!

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