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More Disapointment

Today was the final deadline on our contract for the new house …. the day we were suppose to close by. Well, that didn’t happen today. The attorney who has the property is supposed to get everything ready and have for our closing within 72 business hours. I’m not sure about the fine print and legal aspect, but all I know is that the contract has been violated, and we still haven’t closed. I’m beyond angry at this point; I’m numb. I’m happy that the painting is almost done, but there are still things we have to do such as order and have new appliances delivered, have our dishwasher installed, pack, and move. Because I work nights and John works more than an hour away, coordinating schedules for this is really hard. The landlord (I’m pretty sure) has someone who wants to move into the apartment where we are at now. I may be worrying about things that I don’t need to, but I’m an emotional creature … it’s what I do.

I’m glad that I work this weekend. It will give me something to focus on other than this mess. John and I didn’t say much to each other today. We’re both so upset about this whole thing, and when I’m in this frame of mind, it’s just better for everyone around me to be away from me. I have never seen John this upset in my whole life, which makes me more upset because he shouldn’t have to feel this way – neither of us should. I barricaded myself upstairs tonight with my laptop because if I didn’t do something like play mindless games on Yahoo, I would continue to think about the whole situation, and make the already nasty IBS flare up I have going on worse. I’m just numb tonight. I hope a good night’s sleep and a good day at work will help me feel better.

But, as I always do, I ask myself … What did I learn from this situation?  If John and I ever decided to buy a single family home in the future, we are NOT buying a foreclosure.  Never ever again!


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Friday Fill-Ins

Friday Fill-In #65

1. Some relationships are meant to be in the past, over, and never thought of again (I had a very bizarre dream last night.)

2. King Wilkie and other blue grass bands is the last concert I saw; it was amazing! King Wilkie, from Charlottesville,VA, were playing when I lived in NY state. They have such great stage presence.

3. Spring should be here now, and on a consistent basis!

4. Oh no! I forgot that I have to do laundry, clean out the fridge, go to the grocery store!

5. I’ve recently started shopping for new things for the new house!

6. Most of my patients at work never fail to make me smile.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to buying a new refrigerator and possibly a new washer and dryer, tomorrow my plans include working and sleeping and Sunday, I want to paint, but I have to go to work!

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Moving … Slowly

I feel like we’re never going to go to closing on the townhouse, but I know that’s not true. With all great hope, it should be Friday. But one good thing has come up; John had the idea of submitting an addendum to the seller, to compensate us for the unreasonably long wait. We asked for the seller to pay $2500 towards closing costs, which they agreed to! Now, if we can just get that deed. John told me that the hold up now is that there were a bunch of typos on the deed, and we have to wait for them to type and send the new one. I’m sorry … there is no excuse for that at all, not after how long they have made us wait.

Tomorrow I’m going to be painting, along with my pal Corey and my parents. Well … I should say my Mom, as my Dad doesn’t paint. But he’s going to clean some in the kitchen. We’ve got two small walls left to paint in the living room, and then I want to start on the Master Bedroom. John and his Dad are working on the spare bedroom and my craft room this weekend since I’ll be at work. Things are coming along well on that front, so tonight I started packing a few things. Mostly fragile things from the kitchen and the books from upstairs. My only problem now is … I need more boxes!

Not much is new on the knitting front.  I finished a dish cloth tonight, and Cotton Yarn and I have come to an understanding, so I see myself working more with it in the future.  I’m almost half way done the comfort/prayer shawl for my cousin, which is turning out nicely.  It’s chunky yarn so it’s a quick knit.  I also turned the heel tonight on my Spring Rib Socks.  I haven’t had much time to knit lately, what with painting and work being really busy.  But it was nice to sit down and work on a few things tonight.

Thank you everyone for all your support and well wishes regarding the new house. It has really helped me feel better to come home after hearing we have to wait another day until we get word on closing, and to read all the great comments you leave!

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Many of you know about the charity knitting project that I started last year, Warm Up Winchester. I’m gearing up to get the word out for this year, and I wanted to let everyone know there are new ways to access information and post!

  • The Ravelry Group, Warm Up Winchester
  • The Yahoo Group, Warm Up Winchester

And of course, you can check out last year’s blog HERE. I think I’m going to stick with the two groups above and not use the blog this year, since both of the above groups are an easier way to access and spread info.

I hope that everyone had a great Easter Weekend. And a wonderful Passover to all my Jewish friends! John and I, along with Karen and Corey, spent the weekend painting at the new house.  We managed to get the kitchen, 1/2 bath, and 75% of the living room finished.  I also bought a new light fixture for the 1/2 bath.  THIS is what was there (but in silver and so ugly!) and THIS is what I bought to replace it.  I didn’t take many pictures of the process, but when I’m no longer sore and cranky, I will post more pictures of the place!

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I spent over 30 mins writing this really great post with all the pictures I took of the new house today.  And then WordPress didn’t save it when it said it did.  So I leave you with a sneak peak until later this weekend!

Oh – I also received my Ebay order in the mail today!  Nine skeins of my favorite yarn, Kathmandu, in Aran weight.  It’s a really pretty pink!  I’m making a sweater for me with this at some point this year!

John and I have permission to paint, since the attorney who has the deed is taking so long!  I’ll keep you updated!

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So I managed to catch almost all of LOST last night.  I missed the first 15 mins, but I did get to see the end.  Man, was I WAY off on who died.  I didn’t see that one coming at all.  I’m glad I didn’t put money on it. 🙂

We still haven’t closed on the house, but keep your fingers and toes crossed … it could be this afternoon!

Friday Fill In #64

1. Buying items for my new house is so exciting!
2. Strawberry fields forever (sorry – couldn’t help it.)
3. Easy Brownie Shortcake Desert sounds like it would taste delicious!
4. Why does sleeping all day make me feel so good?!
5. The Grand Canyon is something I’ve always wanted to see.
6. It’s sad when I have a patient who is in pain and nothing is working to help them.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to hopefully closing on our new house, tomorrow my plans include painting the new house, if we close (if not, I’m relaxing) and Sunday, I want to eat chocolate – Happy Easter!!!

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Death Pool

So tonight on LOST, someone is going to die. The bets are out and the top picks I have read so far are …. Claire, Sawyer, and Jin. I have my money on Claire. I mean, I don’t think they would do last week’s episode about Sun and Jin and then wait until the next episode to kill Jin off (and for the record, I don’t think Jin is dead.  I think he’s still on the Island.)   And Claire … there is no way she would just give her baby to Kate, who clearly has Aaron in the Off-Island Future.  I think that she, like Michael, would rather die than give up their child.  Ooo…. I also can’t wait to see Sayid and Desmond kick that crap out of Michael.  Not that I don’t like Michael – he’s a fantastic character.  I just want to see Sayid kick someone’s ass is all. 🙂

And while I’m not going to be able to catch this episode until Friday (gotta work and believe me, there is no time to even steal a glance), I found this great quiz.

Which “Lost” character are you?
created with QuizFarm.com
You scored as Jack. Hey there, Jack!You are a top notch doctor who can solve anything.

Although you get overwhelmed with everyones problems

you still solve them without a second thought. Everyone loves you!


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