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Leap Day

Happy Leap Day everyone!  I love leap day.  I’ve always had this thing for weird and rare holidays.  For example …

  • December 1st is Gnomers’ Day (for humans who collect gnomes)
  • March is National Frozen Food Month

You get the picture.  So happy Leap Day.

The other week I was tagged by Devin to list Seven Random Things about myself.  I’ve done this before, but since it’s Devin, I’ll do it again!

  1. I say “Dude” a lot.  And just for the record, I was doing this before LOST became a hit.  Still, Hurley is so great, isn’t he?
  2. When I’m doing hand written paper work at my job, if I mess up, I have to start over.  Yeah, I’m OCD that way.
  3. I could eat sushi every day for the rest of my life.
  4. I HATE cleaning the litter box.
  5. I think that the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen are Drag Queens.
  6. I hate to wear earrings.  I’ve had my ears pierced before and I must have some weird metal allergy, because no matter how much I clean them, they always get infected.  And I just don’t like the way I look in earrings.
  7. I’ve always had a huge crush on Jeff Goldblum and Richard Belzer.  It’s the whole geeky older Jewish man thing.

Onto some goals.  Knitting goals, that is.  I find myself perplexed because for the first time, let’s see, EVER, I don’t have any knitting deadlines.  No projects that I have to finish anytime soon … nothing.  No ones birthday, anniversary – nothing.  So I think this will be my game plan for March.

  1. Start working on Glee.  Gotta get the needles.
  2. Focus on charity knitting, since I have no other projects that HAVE to get done.  I got this idea from Priscilla.
  3. Finish the lace socks for me.
  4. Focus on me this month.  Knitting for me that is.

That’s it.  I still can’t believe I don’t have any knitting dead lines.  I love to knit for people.  Birthdays, holidays, swaps … I just love to gift my knitting.  So charity knitting is great, because I love to make hats for kids, and there are a few projects out there that I really want to make for myself.  Besides Glee, I’ve had my eye on the Summer Lace Shawlette and the Neck Down Wrap Cardigan (second row, last picture.)  But I want to get Glee going before I start another sweater.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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Pretty Colors

When John picked up the mail today there was a package for me. My first thought was, “Who do I know in Troy, VA?” And then it clicked! I ripped open the package and found a lovely shawl from Chan! I was among the three she was spoiling for her Pay It Forward projects! I love it!!! It is so pretty, and I have yet to have a shawl for myself. And I am especially fond of the mini shawls. OH, please excuse my nasty hair; I just woke up about an hour ago.

I also finally finished my Plain Jane socks.  I’m sorry that the picture is a bit blurry, but I just had to take it while wearing my new shoes!

Tomorrow I’m going to mail off the final of my three Pay It Forward projects, shop for the Longing For Spring Swap, and volunteer at C-CAP. I also need to get the needles to start Glee, which I hope to get to this week.

And now …. LOST!

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Something Positive

After all the sickness that I’ve had to deal with over the past week, I find myself needing to focus on something happy!  So, that thing at this moment is how I’m going to paint and decorate my craft room at the new house!!!!

I know this …. the theme is going to be inspired by my favorite artist, Frida Kahlo.  I love her work and all that she stood for, and she is such a great source of creativity!  So, I’m not sure which painting I want to purchase prints of ( all of them!), but here are a couple that I’m really leaning towards.

Las Dos Frida.  This one has a lot of meaning for me.  The theme of who she is and who she feels that she should be.  The light and dark of one’s self.

Self Portrait Dedicated To Leon Trotsky.  I’ve always loved this portrait.  Knowing the feelings for love and admiration that she had for Trotsky, it inspires freedom and renewal.

I think I may pick up a coffee table book of her art, something that I have wanted anyway, to get a feel for the color.  I know that this is going to be a room for creating, dreaming, and renewal …. a peaceful place.  So many ideas … I just can’t wait!

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We Got It!!!

John called me today and gave me some much needed good news!!! WE GOT THE TOWNHOUSE!!!!! I can’t believe it!!! Now, I haven’t posted about this one. THIS is the one we’re purchasing, but THIS one is identical (except ours has carpet) and gives more photos. I thought ya’ll would like to see that too. Mom and I are going with Lu (our awesome realtor) to look more about painting and such. If I didn’t still have the flu, I’d be jumping for joy!!!! I’ll be posting photos later this week! The back yard is amazing and quiet … and one of the best bits … I GET A CRAFT ROOM!!!

I just can’t believe it … we’re getting out first home. A place we own without crappy landlords, not being able to paint or fix on our own … I’m just so elated!!!

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You know, for me … when it rains, it pours!

I have been running a fever, vomiting, and all that goes along with the flu since 2am.  I did manage to get a couple hours of sleep here and there, and get my matches out for the Longing For Spring Swap.   Oh … and keeping food and water down for more than four hours . . . that’s the important one!

Thank goodness for a super sweet fiance getting a slushy, my parents bringing me Cheerios and ginger ale, and a Law & Order SVU marathon.  Now I’m going back to sleep.

I will go to work tomorrow.  At least I hope I can.  Apparenty this junk is going around, so wash your hands and disinfect.  You so do not want this!

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Triple Whammy

Back in December, I posted about having an ear infection/bronchitis/sinus infection all at the same time.  Well, I have it again!  And the same damn ear to boot!  I woke up very dizzy and sensitive to sound, so I thought I should go to the doctor and get some good antibiotics.  And next week I need to go see an Ear/Nose/Throat doctor to figure out just what is going on.  So I’m off tonight again, but at least LOST is on and I can try to get some knitting done.  (BTW – last week’s episode will air again before the new one, and feeling as bad as I do, a very sexy Sayid will certainly help me feel better. 🙂  Eye candy is always so much better when I feel like a steam roller ran over me.)

Yesterday, John brought me home flowers!  They are so pretty, and the tulips still have the bulbs, so I can plant them this spring.  I bought the pink ones a couple days ago, but I think they compliment each other well.  And now I have an excuse to buy a new planter!

Today when I woke up from a nap, there was a box waiting for me!  My Sock Pal had emailed me and told me that she was sending me a little something for my birthday.  What a great surprise!

There is a really cute little tote with tons of pockets, some cool silk fabric, some very pretty fleece fabric, and some good looking chocolate!  But wait …. look what happens when I empty all of the pockets!

MORE FABRIC!  I love fat quarters!!  You can make the cutest small projects, and I’m always looking for more for my fabric stash.  There is some great thread, a lime green Sharpie, various pink buttons, and some sew on rose buds.

Thank you so very much Sock Pal!  It couldn’t have come at a better time!!!!

And speaking of sewing, I finished a small project the other day for one of my swap pals.  I made my first needle roll!  Now, I made a small mistake and left the stitching on the outside, but I think it looks fine.  You just can’t see that from these pictures.

There is a little lip at the top to hold needles in, and then two pockets at the bottom.  I think my pal is going to love it.  And I can’t wait to make more.  Now that I’ve tackled bias tape, I’m ready to tackle anything. 🙂

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Thera-flu …… check!

Tissues with aloe ….. check!

Hot tea ……. check!

I am so sick right now.  I mean, not barfing up living in the bathroom sick, but sneezing and coughing every time I turn around sick.  I called out for tonight, knowing there is no way that I can do my job and not sneeze all over my patients.  So, I’m picking up Friday night because there is a hole there in the schedule.  So I plan on taking it easy tonight, with lots of napping and sleeping, and of course, knitting.

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