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I’m feeling very New Wave this morning, and I can’t get this song out of my head. One of my all time favorites from the ’80s.


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Hasselhoff Love

For all of you LOST fans out there *nudge Tina, Steve, and Katie* ….. I found a great spoof that will tide me over until tomorrow night.

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Tres Chic

I decided today that I need a little pampering. After last night, I totally deserved it! I had a patient hit me in the face twice. Thank goodness she’s not that strong, but it stung like hell. I can’t be mad though; she has dementia. So I went to a new salon today and had my hair styled. It’s not perfect, as the lady had never done pin curls before, but for $12 and helping to support local small business, I don’t think it’s too shabby. Besides, I’ve never styled my hair this way before and it has a mind of it own. I like it though … I feel so cute!

Now that the vanity is over (I still think it’s super cute!), I have some actual WIP pics! These are the lace socks that I started for my Sock Swap pal, and sadly, they are way too small for her. They fit me okay, so at least something good came out of it. I’m currently working on the second go for her socks, and it’s still a pretty pattern but with much more stretch.

Tonight I will be MIA from 9 – 11. LOST IS FINALLY BACK WITH NEW EPISODES!!!!! It’s about damn time! And tomorrow Mom and I are going to look at houses! I’ll keep ya’ll posted!

Scratch that …. tomorrow night is the new season.

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I feel so honored and happy right now. NHKnittingMama has posted that I make her day!!!! Now, the rules go that you post about 10 people out in blog land that make your day as well.
1. Knittymuggins; She always captivates me with her blogging. What she’s doing in her life, past experiences … I’m always to intrigued and inspired.
2. NHKnittingMama; First, she gave the award here, and that is worth me nominating her back. Secondly, for organizing that hat project for little Megan, and simply always bringing a smile to my face.
3. TextileJunkie; I miss her smile, her humor, her ability to turn my bad days into good ones.
4. Tina of Phoenix Fiberworks. Tina taught me to knit. Enough said. 🙂
5. Mathgirl Knits. She’s been doing some great socks lately, and let me escape from winter to Cuba … well, at least through the pictures she posted of her visit there.
6. Evil Tuesday. She was someone that I met through a swap. A truly wonderful person who shares many of my interests.
And also to all of you not mentioned, who read my blog and leave such wonderful and supportive comments. I’m taking a cue from Mary … so consider yourselves nominated!!! I know that I only posted six specific people, and that is mainly because my brain is totally fried, and many of you have received this award already. House hunting has eaten my brain, so please excuse me.
Tonight I’ve cast on my second attempt at the socks for my Sock It To Me Twice partner. As you may remember, I was working on some very beautiful lace socks, and they turned out to be too small. They are even a little snug on me, but not too tight, so I’ll finish them off at some point this coming month. The socks for my partner are my main goal right now, as they are due at the end of February. I’ve been so lazy about the baby sweater … but it is blocked and I just need to sew on the buttons.
In fact, I’ve been lazy about a lot of things this weekend. Friday morning I was sore all over from work, and all I wanted to do was rest. We have some violent patients right now (and it’s Dementia, so they can’t help it really), as well as some heavier extensive assist patients. So even with proper body mechanics, I’m still in a bit of pain. John has been so sweet by doing some cleaning in the kitchen, cooking dinner, and just letting me have the time alone that I need to rest up. Sometimes I feel that I’m giving the cold shoulder, but he assures me that I’m not. When I’m sore or sick, I want to be left alone, and I think sometimes my poor attitude in such circumstances makes me think I’m acting worse that I really am.
But enough of my bitching! We’ve met with a Realtor and picked out a few places that my Mom and I are going to look at on Thursday. One is a town house, one is a small double wide on foundation, and the other is a brick rancher house. I really like the third one, but it’s going to be a matter of getting in to look at it and really see what is wrong. There is some water damage, and I need to see how bad that is. The townhouse looks promising, but I just need to see what type of neighborhood it’s in. The small double wide looks promising as well, but I need to see how much storage space there is. So those are our top three picks, and if those don’t pan out, we have other places to look at as well. We’re not too picky about it all, but we don’t want to have to do too much work on a place. It’s very exciting, but extremely overwhelming at the same time. I think what makes us nervous is that we want to make the right choice, and know that we can only really afford one home inspection. Thank goodness for people like my Uncle Roger, who can give me a really good idea, and let me know if it’s worth the home inspection.

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Almost Friday

Last night, after everyone quieted down at work, I finished my first sock for my Sock It To Me Twice swap.  I’m a little worried though.  I think it might be too small.  The lace pattern is so beautiful, and it turned out to be so gorgeous, but I think it’s going to be too small.  So, I need to go back to the drawing board and soon.  I still have a month, so I know I have time to get this done.  On the flip side, the sock does fit me, so they are not a total waste.  Just going back to the drawing board is a little defeating, seeing as I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my knitting.  But it could be worse …. it can always be worse.

So, John and I are making yet another life decision.  We’re on the serious hunt for a house.  I know … just what I need when I’m already stressed.  But it’s good stress, and it’s not like we HAVE to move tomorrow or anything.  My Mom has a friend who’s a Realtor, so I’m going to give her a call tomorrow.  We know how much we can afford, and we know what we want.  We can’t afford anything huge and grand, but honestly, we don’t want that.  We don’t want a cookie cutter house in a huge subdivision.  We want a little rancher or bungalow, something that we can grow into and change over the years.  John looked a place today, but it needed a lot of work, had no closets, and not a lot of storage space.  But I think working with a Realtor that I can trust is the best option, and I’m sure that we’ll find something that we love.

Tomorrow I really need to push myself to get up before 3pm and go swimming, or to the free gym at the park.  I’ve been walking a lot at work, which is really good, but I need to do something extra a couple days a week.  I’m just so exhausted from work, as it’s been a mad house as of late.  Very busy, with many very sick patients.  That’s not a bad thing, but it does suck my motivation when I want to get active on my days off.  Maybe I’ll get my butt in gear, work out for an hour or so, and then go buy the yarn I need to make my Sock Pals socks.  That’s sounds like a good plan!

This weekend I’m speaking at my church about the volunteer work that I do.  There are about 10 of use speaking on Sunday, and we’re having a little rehearsal on Saturday morning.  It’s been a while since I’ve spoken in front of a large crowd.  I love to do it; I was in drama and forensics in school.  But it’s a tiny bit nerve racking, just because it’s been a LONG time.  Wish me luck!

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There’s A New Swap In Town

Knowing that I’m getting really sick of freezing my butt off, I thought I would start a new swap! It’s called the Longing For Spring Swap. It’s for all of us who need a little warm weather inspiration!

Details to the swap are at the blog Longing For Spring Swap

Spread the word and come join in the fun!!!

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FO – Mitts

Seeing as it’s been a balmy 13 degrees here lately, I decided to make myself a warmer pair of fingerless mitts. They are so soft and warm; I haven’t taken them off since I bound off a couple hours ago.

Pattern : Cornflower Mitts (Interweave Knits Holiday Issue 2006)

Yarn : Debblie Bliss Cashmerino Aran

Soooo squishy and warm.  I love this yarn but can never afford enough to do a big project.  This one required two skeins, and I had just a little bit left over out of each.

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