Moving Day

For some time, I have been thinking of getting my own domain name.  While I’ve enjoyed more than two solid years here at The Yarn Closet … the time has come for a change.

Join me at my new web home …. Mrs. Darsie’s Menagerie!

I’ll have a link to this blog up at the new site, just in case anyone should need it.


Manic Monday

As of 6:10 this morning, I started my vacation!!!!!  I am free for seven days!  I need it to, because work has been above and beyond stressful.  Wednesday is my 27th birthday, and Thursday, John and I head to NY for a long weekend with friends!!!

Manic Monday #200

What’s your least favorite word?

There are a lot of words I don’t like.  Lazy, ignorant, swindle … all words that I don’t like.
Where do you go when you need really good advice?

I usually go to one of two places.  Tina, one of my dearest friends in NY, is the first person I turn to when I honestly can’t work something out on my own and need an extra brain to help me process something.  She’s often the most honest and down to earth person I know, and she is always straight up with me.  The second is my high school Sociology teacher, Stewart Belkin.  In many ways, he’s my Obi Wan, and he always has fruitful advice for me.

If you could participate in any winter Olympic sport, what would it be?

Hands down … curling.  My favorite!

All You Need Is Love



Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!  I hope that your day is filled with the true meaning of love, rather than the greeting card addition.  But getting chocolate is always good, especially today!  So, what ever your love is, whomever it is with …. celebrate and cherish it.

In other news …

  • I’ll be moving soon . . . to my own domain name!  It’s still a work in progress, but I’ll make sure to post about it when the new blog is ready.
  • Maryanne, aka Knittymuggins, posted pics of the new baby!  Knittymunchkin is SO CUTE!!!
  • I get to visit Tina, Steve, Katie, Harriett, Meghan, Corey … and ALL of my wonderful New York friends on Thursday.  I told John that all I really wanted for my birthday this year was to visit some of my dearest friends, most of who I only get to see once a year!


Friday Fill-Ins

Friday Fill-In #163

1. Pickles are tasty, especially Kosher Dill.
2. I do my best to relax when I am at home.
3. The snow is just too much!  I don’t want anymore.
4. I truly believe that all things good and holy can be found in nature.
5. It’s 5:16 PM; that means I should be on my way to work (if I’m scheduled to be).
6. A good Corned Beef and Cabbage dish is hard to find.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to the Ravelympics kick off party, tomorrow my plans include work and Sunday, I want to actually go to work, now that my back is feeling better!

Cabin Fever

I’m sick of snow.  No more snow!  You hear that, Mother Nature.  Far be it from me to tell you how to do you job, but please.  No more.

I woke up early and braved the wind and snow drifting to go to the grocery store yesterday.  I had to get out and I didn’t care where.  All the cold weather had me craving stew as well, so getting the fixings for that seemed like a good idea.

But before I get to the stew (which took ALL AFTERNOON to cook – good stuff!), I want to post my most recent FO.


  • Project : No Purl Monkey Socks
  • Pattern : No Purl Monkey (based on ‘Monkey’ pattern by Cookie A)
  • Yarn : Superwash Merino/Bamboo in ‘Spumanti’ by StashUp Yarns

I LOVE this yarn.  This is one of the two skeins John had given me this past Christmas.  I feel that this photo does not do the color work in the yarn justice, because I’m in lack for natural light.  (I’ll make the light box one of these days!)  But the yarn is super soft and I know these will get worn on a frequent basis!  As for the pattern, I know so many people who have worked it by now, that it was almost a reason that I DID NOT knit myself a pair.  I don’t like jumping on the bandwagon for anything, no matter how cool it is.  But now, after all the attention has died off, I allowed my lurking to become action.  The leg is a little snug, but not tight, on me.

Now …. are you hungry???


The above tasty delights came from Cooking … By The Seat Of My Pants.   I found this food blog while looking at articles on bread from Craft Magazine’s blog.  There are TONS of amazing recipes on the blog!  The Irish Stew was hearty, using basic ingredients that even the shyest of kitchen dwellers can fix.  The only note I will say is on the beer used.  I would go with something really dark, like Guinness, but it is really up to you.  The Ale Bread was delicious.  Unlike yeast breads, this one calls for none and only takes about 45 mins to cook.  The only change I would make in the future … no scallions.  I thought it made it too bitter.

Tomorrow is the kick off party for Team Wink, for the Ravelympics.  I need to wind up some yarn and print some patterns, but other than that, I am ready to go!  Let’s see how many hats I can make for Warm Up Winchester in two weeks,while also trying to knit a shawl in that amount of time as well!


Time For A Change

As I sit on my butt more than normal, due to the ADDITIONAL snow we received today, I’ve been thinking about my blog.  I love my blog.  It allows me my own personal space on the internet.  It gives me a place to speak, to show, and to be.  It helps me to meet new people and strengthen the relationships that I do have. 

So … the more things change, the more they stay the same.

I’ve talked to a new knitting buddy on Ravelry, who is a fellow member and fan of NH Knitting Mama.  I love HER BLOG, and it really got me thinking about a new name, a new layout, and finally buying my domain name.  (How does that work?  What does it cost?  I see that you can get it through WordPress.  Is it easy to update once I have it … like, the same as WordPress is to post to?)

But what to call myself? 

Sure, The Yarn Closet is fine, but I find myself transitioning to something more.  Since I started my first blog, my knitting skills have improved, I have picked up other crafts and hobbies, and I’ve gotten married.  This year, I’m hoping to start a family and I want my blog to be able to adapt and grow with that.

So, what you think?  What should the new blog name be?  Anything jump out of your imagination?    I’m browsing templates to see what strikes my fancy, and Sara Beth is more than happy to help with the design and code end.

Blizzard of 2010

I’m sure that most of you have seen the photos on the news by now, of all the snow that we’ve had here in Northern Virginia.  The last accumulation totalwas around 30 inches of snow.  As you can assume, most people around have been in a state of panic, but John and I have remained reasonably calm.  He spent the day shoveling, and I spent the day knitting.  In all fairness, I did try to shovel.

Here are some great pictures.

Back porch, before noon on Saturday


Our cars, buried in the snow


John walked down to the intersection


So, yes, we did get a lot of snow.  But both my husband and I have lived in New York state in the winter, in addition to myself growing up with a father who lived for some time in Wisconsin.  This doesn’t phase me.  It is the other idiots on the road that I worry about.  That, and whoever plowed our development needs to learn how to do so properly.  John shoveled the snow from around our cars out in the path of the plow, so that it would take it away.  No … no, of course that didn’t happen.  So, he’ll have to dig us out yet again tomorrow.

I did get a lot of knitting accomplished today, mainly on John’s sweater.  However, when I had originally ordered the yarn, it seems that I am one or two skeins short.  I’ll have to place a Knit Picks order later this weekend!  At least all the measurements are spot on, and it does look like it is going to fit him!